Promote Special Sales Events!

Monthly Web Specials promotes special events and sales like nothing else.
We can devote whole Internet pages to your event with offers, music, even
video to drive traffic to your store and maximize excitement! Tent sales, grand
openings, clearance countdowns—anything you need to promote can be on
the web quickly. Link your specials on

Use it to Increase Your Service Business!

Service specials and printable coupons should have their place too—to make
your back-end more profitable than ever. We’ll work with your service center
to seasonalize and specialize your offers and ensure that you have year-
around traffic.

Smarter Recruitment

Monthly Web Specials can build a single linked page or an entire affiliated
site to help you recruit sales or service personnel. With a clever interactive
presentation we can multiply your responses and hiring success.
We’ll show you how to save compared to newspaper costs.

Let’s Hear Your Ideas

We know from experience that our customers often come up with some of the
best ways to use our products. We believe in the ingenuity of people in the retail automotive world—we see it every day. With Monthly Web Specials, we can react
quickly to furnish you with the high-quality web product you're thinking of.